Nectar Display Suggestions

While every store is different, here are some best practices for Nectar Craft Oils to ensure that you'll be able to entice your customers to be taking home as many of our products as possible. If you need any of the merchandising accessories or displays pictured below, please drop us a line and someone in sales will make sure you have what you need.  

Image of a 3.5x5" card available for display cases in an acrylic frame

As the best product available on the market and one with substantial margins, should be featured in the top middle of the case or on its own in a featured highlighted space. We provide wood displays for use, as well as blanks filled with a mix of soy sauce, maple syrup and honey instead of oil if you’d rather keep live product out of the light.

Nectar items available for stores: small wooden displays, large wooden displays, hardware with no oil, hardware with fake oil made with food ingredients, 3.5x5" card in acrylic frame, informational postcards, postcard holders