How to Sell Oakor


Oakor slips are different - unequaled sublingual absorption. 

Target customers: anyone looking for a minty, discreet, affordable high. Especially effective offering if they are traveling, going to a show, spending time with family, heading for a night out, or going on a date. Great product for anyone looking for a low price option, or as an add on at the end of a sale to up average transaction amounts.


Key Points:

  • Stealthy / small
  • Vegan
  • All natural
  • Gluten free
  • Low calorie

Regular edibles are around 30% absorption, with Oakor you get 60% absorption because of high bioavailability of the sublingual absorption method. Bang for buck.

Only breath slip on the market.

Awards & Accolades: Seattle Medical Cup, Dope Cup winner. Seattle High Time Best Edible 2nd place 2014.

How to use: Peel off paper backing, place breath strip under tongue, leave under tongue for 90 seconds for optimal absorption and rapid onset.

Suggested verbiage: Beginning of sale, qualify with “what kind of experience are you looking for?” Or “have any big plans for the weekend?” Open ended questions are helpful to engage and open the customer up.

Follow up with something related “these would be a great way to relax at the beach” or “this would help you survive the in-laws this weekend!” Most people are overwhelmed with all their new legal cannabis options when they first come to a store, you are their guide (and they appreciate the help!)

Merchandising/sale suggestions: Have an additional display by the point of sale for impulse add-on purchases, in addition to being in the edibles section. This is not a type of product that people are familiar with, so any signage and budtender/sales associate guidance makes a huge difference.