How to Sell Nectar


 Unrivaled strain specific taste from small batch craft cannabis oils.

Target customers: Boomers, retirees, foodies, professionals, and health conscious connoisseurs

Key points:

  • Glycol free 
  • Sourced from trusted farms utilizing organic and sustainable practices
  • Only naturally occurring terpenes from each small batch, best tasting natural oil on market (no added flavors)
  • Discreet and classy
  • All glass and stainless steel cart, dual coil burner

Awards and accolades: Best Cartridge at Washington Dope Cup 2016

How it's made: Our proprietary methods utilize super and subcritical CO2 small batch runs to preserve each strain specific terpene profile. The oil is winterized and triple filtered so you can taste the plant, not the burn. 

How to enjoy Nectar:
CARTRIDGES - Our carts are 510 threaded and can fit on most of the batteries available in i502. We guarantee the experience only for our high quality voltage regulated Nectar batteries. Can also be used with most e-cig batteries but make sure the voltage can be changed to 3.7v-3.9v. E-cig batteries normally operate at a higher voltage that would burn out both of the heating elements in a Nectar Cartridge if attached. Please remember that the cart is glass and to treat it with care, not exposing to extremes in temp or dropping it on a hard surface. Do not tighten all the way on the battery.

REFILLS - Carts can be refilled up to 10x on average. To prepare the refill pipette for use, take coffee cup full of water and microwave for about one minute. Take the cup out of the microwave and take the pipette out of its glass vial packaging, then place the pipette into the warm water. Leave the pipette in the water for about a minute and a half, take the pipette out of the water, dry it off, then carefully cut the tip of the noodle-like end. The cartridge Nectar uses must be filled from the bottom, just twist to remove the metal off the bottom of the cartridge and administer the oil down the sidewalls of the Pyrex glass (not down the middle airhole). 

BATTERIES - Our batteries are available in the starter kits from Circanna or directly from Nectar Craft (wholesale and retail) are top quality, voltage regulated 510 threaded to guarantee a perfect hit every time. To unlock a battery for use, click button five times. To lock, click five times. Hold down on button to draw from the cart, no preheating needed.

Return policy:
Products have a 10-day defective return policy. The customer must have the receipt.

Suggested verbiage:

  • “As I know you care about health and good flavors, Nectar avoids potentially toxic plastics and preserves the taste by using only Pyrex glass and stainless steel…”
  • “Since you are looking for a discrete way to enjoy cannabis you should check out the award-winning Nectar Craft oil starter kits…”
  • “Remember how last week we were talking about local whiskey distilleries? There is a oil who is approaching cannabis the same way now with small batch craft runs that are super delicious…”
Merchandising/sale suggestions: As the best product available on the market and one with substantial margins, should be featured in the top middle of the case or on its own in a featured highlighted space. We provide wood displays for use, as well as blanks filled with a mix of soy sauce, maple syrup and honey instead of oil if you’d rather keep live product out of the light.