How to Sell Mary's

Target customers: medical (starting this summer, i502), health conscious, usually older, anyone who expresses need of discrete use. Some athletes/runners using patches before/during exercise.

Key Points:

  • Most topicals are only effective locally, the Mary's lineup is actually systemic
  • Transdermal technology is not your typical topical because it's highly bioavailable (95-100%) - this means that on a 10mg patch, 9.5-10mg actually enters the bloodstream and crosses the blood brain barrier.
  • Trusted formulations - developed by leading scientists in Colorado

How to Use:

Gel Pens and Patches both have optimal delivery points of venous areas where the skin is thin. Examples: Wrists, Ankle, top of foot, jugular vein on neck, and temples on forehead.

Areas to avoid: since cannabinoids are lipophilic (fat soluble) they tend to stick in areas that have more fat tissue, and only very slowly release into the system, via this method it is doubtful one will feel psychoactive effects. The application to a less venous area like this can be used when the customer is extremely sensitive to the effects of cannabinoids (or can reduce dose by cutting the patches in half or quarter and saving for later).

Patches available in Indica, Sativa, CBD, and 1:1. Gel pens available in Indica, Sativa, and CBD. 

Duration of patches 8-12 hours. Duration of Gel pens 2-4 hours.

1:1 Compound is meant for site-specific local application (put it where it hurts). Examples: Joints, hips, knees, back. Generally not psychoactive with the balanced ratio of THC/CBD.

Duration of compound 2-4 hours.

Capsules are enhanced with plant based terpenes to produce indica or sativa-like effects. Engineered to provide optimal absorption, bypassing the gut and liver. Unlike our other more rapid onset products you can expect the onset time to be that of other edible products, but with optimal absorption/stronger high.

Capsules available in Indica, Sativa, and CBD. 

Duration of capsules 4-6 hours.

Merchandizing/sale suggestions: Place in topical case, top middle, to signify premium product. Can put a transdermal patch on a mannequin hand on the wrist, and put the transdermal patches in the hand in the case to catch people’s eyes. When all products placed together creates visual impact.