Cycling Frog is Back

Cycling Frog is Back

We are excited to announce Cycling Frog distillate to our family of brands.

Why Cycling Frog? The journey of hash oil - from its nefarious hydrocarbon roots in the days of cannabis prohibition to the safe science of solvent based THC refinement - has achieved ultimate purity in the form of Cycling Frog distillate.   

We begin the distillation process with the highest grade precursor: The Dope Cup winning Nectar CO2 hash oil.  Nectar Craft’s controlled methods of extraction and refinement fashion an oil pure in cannabinoids before the slow, triple-filtered distillation process is initiated.

Rigid adherence to laboratory protocol ensures an apex of purity is maintained throughout the distillation process.  

Our family of flavors - with varieties like strawberry lemonade and lavender - are individually selected from naturally derived plant sources aimed at customers who seek the finest taste experience.  

The results? A product virtually free from fats, waxes, and plant matter married to the high THC levels your customers demand.

Here are the lab results from Analytical 360:

Raw – 90-92% THC

Lavender – 89-91% THC

Strawberry Lemonade – 91% THC

Cycling Frog has been available to the medical market for some time (aka Artisan Extracts) and now is distilled in the Circanna Lab for the recreational market.

We take pride in knowing that we make the best cannabis oils in Washington; Cycling Frog distillate is another great addition to our award winning lineup.