Circanna is a licensed I-502 processor of marijuana products for recreational use in Washington State. 

Circanna has become home to some of the most unique brands in the cannabis industry. Our partnership with these brands is rooted in a shared passion and eagerness to grow with those who share our values and ideals. These core values have driven our success in the present and will help create an exciting future. They are:

  • Source only the best materials from farmers and suppliers we know and trust
  • Create the highest quality products on the market 
  • Cultivate the strongest and most consistent brands through creative marketing and reliable sales practice
  • Grow with and support the absolute best retailers in Washington


Nectar Craft Oils are the finest available cannabis extracts and first-class, highly durable vaporizer products.

For those with the most discerning tastes and highest standards of purity, CO2 extracted oil should only be inhaled from a glass tank through a stainless steel airway. Nectar's products are strain specific and preserve the integrity of that plant's terpene and cannabinoid profile (with no artificial flavors or added polyethylene glycol). For more info, visit Nectar Craft

Cycling Frog specializes in producing high quality, flavorful distillate.

Cannabis concentrates have continued to evolve over the last decade. Distillation has allowed cannabis extractors the ability to isolate and separate particular cannabinoids in an attempt to create a pure, potent final product. With Cycling Frog distillate, artificial terpenes are added so consumers can enjoy this top-shelf product with a satisfying flavor. For more info, check out Cycling Frog.

Oakor is a premium cannabis-infused products company focused on providing natural, healthful ways to experience legal marijuana.

When you ingest cannabis, cannabinoids take a little longer to get into your system due to the digestion process. You also lose some of the cannabinoids from metabolization and going through the liver. Oakor Slips are different. Since Oakor Slips are absorbed sublingually (through tissues underneath the tongue), its cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This means you get faster results and up to six times the effects of a traditional edible!

Nectar Craft Multi-Pack Capsules

This product uses 100% plant-based, vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free capsules contain no additives or organic volatile impurities. In addition, these capsules are are enteric-enhanced, which means the capsules do not break down until they reach the small intestine. This maximizes bio-availability, ensuring the consumer is able to reap all of the benefits the product has to offer.